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Dec 07 Jazzfestival Steyr 2016 - 10th edition
The 10th edition of the "Jazzfestival Steyr" (March 2016) with this artists:

March 17. 2016:
19.30: Heinrich von Kalnein - Michael Abene Duo
20.30: John di Martino Trio
21.30: Ondrej Stveracek 4tet feat. Gene Jackson

March 18. 2016:
19.30: Anna Lauvergnac 4tet
20.30: Herwig Gradischnig - Claus Raible 5tet
21.30: Daniel Nösig - Jure Pukl 5tet

March 19. 2016:
19.30: Soo Cho & Javier Girotto
20.30: Per Mathisen Trio
21.30: Heginger-Herbert-Cech

March 20. 2016:
10.00: Jazzbrunch atz the Schwechaterhof: Kosmotron

All informations about the "Jazzfestival Steyr 2016 - 10th Edition" at:

Dec 07 Alessa vanguardia - new music across all borderlines
My personal education was very much influenced from free jazz, in the year year 1970/71 I heard the trio, John Surman (baritone sax), Barre Philips (double bass) und Stu Martin (drums).

This music pushed me to the wall, it was really breathtaking what I have heard and convinced me, that something is very important in performing music, in fact, to set energy free. Therefore I always wanted to do something for this kind of music, which is slowly, slowly passing away. But there are always great musicians who want to keep up the flag and so I founded a subdivision of Alessa Records under the name Alessa vanguardia, which will take care in the future about interesting new music across all borderlines.

The first product shall express, what someone has to be, to realize things like this, the CD ALR 1041 is from the Free Idiots and is called  "parapaddam grzn pss".