Alessa Records was founded in 2004.

After 30 years of experiences in the music business, Peter Guschelbauer founded a label with music of the highest quality.

The name Alessa Records derives from the nick name of his daughter Alexandra, who was at the time of the foundation of the label 18 month old.

Peter Guschelbauer grew up always between rock and jazz music, and it was the year 1967 which should be very formative for his further development. First of all Jimi Hendrix released his song purple haze, which went directly through his brain and defined his world new and second he noticed that a great musician passed away, John Coltrane, who seemed to be a great saxophonist. Peter bought all the vinyl records of John Coltrane and was fascinated by the eloquent and wonderful way of his playing the saxophone. With Jimi in the left ear and John in the right one the new stile was completely clear, jazz rock! Only John Surman's trio with Barre Phillips and Stu Martin and the bitches brew sessions from Miles Davis could escalate the listening experience to the maximum and so the development went slowly backwards from free jazz and jazz rock to previews jazz stiles.

Peter Guschelbauer runs a recording studio in Hagenberg near Linz, some labels, publishing and distribution companies. One of the main activities is the promotion department, Peter was Joe Zawinul's promoter in Austria in the years 2002 till Joe's passing away in 2007.
A main part of the company is the event technology, because we want to have a great sound for our artists not only in the studio, but also on stage, and so we take care for a lot of concerts and great jazz festivals such as Inntöne Jazz Festival, Festwochen Gmunden, Jazzfestival Steyr, STIWA Jazzforum in Hagenberg, Tuesday the Bluesday, a blues serie sponsored  at the Arbeiterkammer in Linz, the main place open airs in Leonding etc.